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Yogesh Sharma

( Managing Director )

Our school is an organisation which is devoted to the physical, moral and spiritual development of the children, the principles taught to us by "Pandit Ishwar Swarup Sharma, Advocate" and "Smt. Luxmi Devi Sharma" OUR HONOURABLE BAUJI" and "OUR HONOURABLE MUMMIJI" Respectively.We are well poised to achieve these objectives to inspire the coming generation. Shiv Shakti Luxmi Memorial High School is an ideal school of YamunaNagar district which is outstanding in every field and is constantly striving on the path of progress.Parents are fully satisfied and relieved after getting their wards admitted in the school,as they are assured that the future of their ward is in safe hands.  

Here religious and cultural values are given as much importance as proficient education.The facilities provided at the school include two huge playgrounds and a canteen in the campus.The junior and the senior sections have most modernized computer lab and science labs.Digital classrooms,wherein education is provided through computers in an effective manner. For the all round development of little angles,there are all the facilities in this school,including toys and swings.The kids are provided nutritious diet and taught table manner,filtered acquaguard water facility,Generator facilities and inverter facility is also provided to the children. Now a days,burden of books has become havoc for the parents and the little souls.Fear of exams add fuel to this fire and hinders the growth of the child.Our school has decided to take up a new trend.We have adopted the grading system and no formal exams in the junior classes. Training sessions are arranged to make the new technologies teacher friendly and encourage computer aided learning. The infrastructure and facilities in our institution are among the best,that only a few can boast of.This all could be made possible,due to the untiring and unstinted efforts of our guide and mentor Pt. Ishwar Swarup Sharma(Advocate), (Senior most advocate who has completed 60 years of his practice in this profession) Chairman,governing body. I am highly thankful to all the members of the trust of the school,for their keen interest in this institution. Team work has always been the nucleous of success. I express my deep gratitude and appreciation to the members of teaching and non teaching staff,parents and friends for their consistent co-operation and support. I seek the almighty's blessings to march ahead from strength to strength.