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Mrs. Sunita Sharma


It is rightly said,"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". Service in any form is beautiful to encourage and empathise, to show interest to awake hopes in the heart of under privileged,is the greatest service. Today we are living in a globalized world.The constant refrain is that we have to adapt ourselves to the changing socio-economic scenario. Today we are living in a globalized world.The constant refrain is that we have to adapt ourselves to the changing socio-economic scenario. School education is incomplete if we are not able to teach our children the appreciation of moral values like helpfulness, consideration for others, readiness to cooperate, awareness of responsibility, tolerance, caring and sharing.

Today,when the world is turning towards science and I T, Our School need to visualize and plan for the present day for students to establish themselves as great achievers.For this, project based learning was promoted.
Teachers today have to essentially play the role of a facilitator,mentor,friend philosopher and guide,who is a beholder of knowledge,perfection and strength holding great promise for the future.
Our school has taken a step forward to sensitize the students to the needs to preserve our culture.An exhibition was conducted to exhibit the best out of waste product and received a great response.
The World Environment Day is celebrated with students presenting skits,songs and a lot of activities focusing on the theme of caring and protecting the environment.
Since October 2009, the Central Board Of Secondary Education,New Delhi has announced the implementation of CCE in its schools.Very important aspect of this evaluation system is co-schoastic and life skill training part,where parents are requested to motivate their children to take part in maximum number of such activities.Board has fixed grades for these activities,so participation in these activities is very important and helpful for the students.The initiative of collaboration learning experiences was beneficial for the students as well as teachers.Even the parents and the visitors also found these events highly informative and interesting and thus appreciated the effort of the school.
We also emphasizes SHRAMDAAN which is a part of co-scholastic area in CCE. More and more students should participate in such drives and imbibe the spirit of responsibility,Hard work and Efficiency in their assigned work.
I express my sincere gratitude to the honorable Chairman Pandit Ishwar Swarup Sharma and to the members of managing committee for their continued guidance.My gratitude to the Managing Director Sh. Yogesh Sharma for his continued and timely advice. My appreciation and thanks are with the teaching and non-teaching staff who have worked so well for the school throughout the year.
I pray to the almighty God to give us courage and fortitude to tread the path of learning and march ahead.